The only place where every souls are interrogated after death: Dharamraj temple of Bharmour

Dharamraj Temple
Chamba is a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh which is embellished with many pristine and scenic views, historic buildings and places of religious importance. There are many temples in Chamba district, which have their own religious importance and beauty. One of these amazing temples is the Chaurasi Temple which is located in Bharmour. The ancient[…]

The history and mystical powers of the ancient Paudiwala Temple, Nahan

paudi wala full image - small
It’s been five months in a row and I am staying in my parents’ home in Nahan. Enjoying home food, relaxing environment and a carefree life. Most of my friends find my freelance writing career envious and I totally understand them. I love my gypsie lifestyle and the hippie traits keep me moving from one[…]

Masroor Rock-cut Temple in Himachal Valley

Masroor Temple in Kangra
Home to over 2000 temples, numerous monasteries and several pilgrimage places, Himachal Pradesh prides itself on having one of the four rock-cut temples in the country- The Masroor rock-cut temple. The famous Masroor temple in Himachal Pradesh lies nearly 32 km from Kangra and 47 Km from Dharamshala. This holy shrine is situated on Nagrota[…]

Markandeya Ji Temple – A destination for getting blessed for a child

Markandey Rishi Temple in Bilaspur
    Markandeya is one of the ancient sages occupying an important place in the history of Hindu Culture. He was born to another popular ancient saint Rishi Bhrigu. Rishi Markandeya is mentioned as one of the popular devotees of lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in the mythological stories of Purana. In memory of sage[…]

Khajinag temple of Khajjiar-in Mini Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh

Khajinag Temple
    A small beautiful grassy meadow in the Chamba valley is Khajjiar. Due to its excellent beauty Khajjiar is popular in the name of Mini Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh. Khajjiar is among those few places having 3 eco systems: pasture, Lake and forest right at one place. Khajjiar is also known for its Khajinag[…]

Bekhli Temple or Jagannathi Devi Temple of Kullu

Bekhli Temple Kullu
    Bekhli Temple or the Jagannathi Devi Temple is one of the famous temples of Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. The people of Kullu are very religious minded and you can feel it when you pay a visit to Jagannathi Devi Temple. This temple is located at a height of 1,800 m calculated from[…]

Visit Mrikula Devi Temple for blessings of Ma Kali

Mrikula Devi Temple
    Tourist from distant places visit Lahaul Valley to enjoy the panoramic view of the hills covered with white snow. But when they visit this place they prefer to explore the whole valley to know the culture of the people over there. The exploration remains incomplete if you dont visit the popular temples in[…]

Baijnath Temple- An ancient temple from Himachal

Baijnath Temple in Kangra
    Baijnath is one of the popular small towns of the state of Himachal Pradesh located in western Himalayas Dhauladhar range. This town is 16 km away from Palampur in the district of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. Here in Baijnath is located the famous temple of Baijnath. This temple was constructed during the period[…]

Tarna Devi Temple- A holy destination in Mandi

Tarna Devi Temple in Mandi - Himachal Valley
    Right at the top of Tarna Hills of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh is located the famous temple of Tarna Devi. This temple is located in between dense trees and it is located at a height of 300 feet above the level of sea. The presence of this divine temple at the top hill[…]

Jakhoo Temple- An ancient temple from Shimla

Jakhoo Temple, Hanuman Ji - Himachal Valley
    One of the ancient temples from Shimla is Jakhoo Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is located in the Jakhoo Hill. It is situated at a distance of 2.5 Km from the eastern side of “The Ridge of Shimla.” The temple is 8000 fts above the sea level. Being one[…]
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