If you are planning to go for Trekking in Himachal, then what can be the best destination other than Kheer Ganga? The Kheer Ganga trekking route is located at a distance of almost 22 km from the destination of Manikaran in the valley of Parvati. To reach the destination of Kheer Ganga you need to first reach Barshaini via motor-able road.

After reaching this place on foot you can reach Kheer Ganga. This trekking path follows the hilly terrain region of the Himalayas. As per mythological stories in this place it was Lord Kartik (elder son to Lord Shiva) remained in complete Samadhi for about a long period of thousand years.

The experience of natural hot-water-spring in this trekking route will make you feel amazing. This trekking route remains open for a period of 7 months for the trekkers. You will get to see some exhilarating views while doing trekking in Kheer Ganga. On this route there are few guests’ houses and tents available for the resting of the trekkers and tourists.

You will feel at the top of the world when you climb the trekking pass of Kheer Ganga. Dont forget to take a soothing bath in the hot spring to relax your whole body. The people of this locality are very friendly in helping the trekkers and tourists to this destination.

People from all corners of India visit this destination to enjoy trekking as well as to experience the beauty of mother earth right in the lap of nature in Kheer Ganga.

Tourist prefers to pay a visit to the temple during early dawn. The weather here is bit unpredictable so it will be advisable for you to carry a raincoat along with you for your own safety. Enjoy trekking at Kheer Ganga as Himachal Trekking is absolutely amazing.

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