It was early June last year and we had a mind to trek to the Himachal Himalayas. The trekking places in Himachal Pradesh are a feast to the eyes and a balm to the soul. We decided to first trek through the Kinner Kailash circuit which is a wonderful trekkers paradise. The two peaks that are predominant in these trekking places in Himachal Pradesh are Jonkarden and Kinner Kailash and the Charang La pass is the only trek route in this region. It is a wonderful trekking trail in the state as it has pictorial quality of natural surroundings and the flora and fauna around. We had quite lost ourselves in the natural surroundings while we were trekking here.

The pass is considered to be very sacred by both the Buddhists and the Hindus. The entire trekking path was covered in lush green with vineyards, orchards, valleys, snow covered peaks. You can choose the snatch of time between June-September for this enchanting trekker’s heaven of Kinnaur Kailash which is among the best trekking places in Himachal Pradesh.

Some tips:

After you are done planning about your trekking places in Himachal, it is time you settle down on the essentials of the trip. A regular trekker would know what to get equipped with on a trek to the Kinner Kailash. Hunter shoes are must if you trek on iceRubber shoes cannot take on the deadly cold. You should also take a good rucksack. Thermal wear is must and other things which you need include Sun Lotions, goggles are a must through we had a free natural tanning experience and we came back home happy and black as larks.

While you are out trekking places in Himachal, also plan to take a pair of floaters or slippers because your shoes may get soggy, so an extra pair would be helpful. While trekking places in Himachal you can look out for somewhat decent food in the higher camps while in the base camps food sucks. A staple food of biscuits and tea is what we got used to. While trekking places in Himachal carry some snacks to nibble on the way. You have to use the open nature as your Toilet space so a box of tissues is always kept handy.

Carry music along with you. I just cannot forget listening to Kenny G with the panoramic visions flashing
in that inward eye even to this day!


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