Chatru - Hampta Pass

Another of these wizardly trekking places in Himachal is the Hampta Pass which is noted for its breath taking sceneries. We loved these trekking places in Himachal for mighty trees of oak, pine and rhododendron on our way as we trekked the Hampta Pass to the Lahaul Spiti valley.

The natural beauty of these trekking places in Himachal Pradesh was so various that they seemed to change every day. Each day of trekking to places in Himachal Pradesh you are gifted with a brand new trekking experience!

Before the trek we had checked source about the various trekking places in Himachal and had a got to know that it is an easy trek but we came to know from a hands-on experience that the trek was quite challenging. We might have been too excited to go trekking  in Chandertal

Himalayas to check thoroughly.

We had a big group this time and a passion for adventure in our hearts. This trek is a rock walk folks and not cake walk after all. We carried all trek essentials with us and we took more stuff than necessary as usual. We carried clothes, accessories, toiletries, medical kits and a very supportive rucksack that could carry at least sixty kilos of goods with a rain cover for it.

The trek itinerary was like this. It was a cool drive from Manali to the village Pirni and then a very steep climb to Chikka via the Pandua Ropa at an altitude of 3000 meters. We had a close view of the Deo Tibba Peaks and then a retreat to the confluence of Hamta Nallaa and
Patpori Nalla.

We also traversed Satotu and from there to Bhanara and then back to Manali. The beautiful village of Bhanara with its ruins and temples are still fresh in our minds.

The temperature while we went trekking places in Himachal especially the Hamta trek below 9°C and later below 4°C. We wore thermal inners all the time to keep us warm. The days were hot and so we could do in tracks and T shirts. Caps and sunglasses are a must have on the tour and sun screen lotion is also mandatory.

We had an amazing experience of sleeping in sleeping bags. We had problems though not being able to fold our legs properly. The adrenaline kept us going during the day and we were religiously on our mission, trekking plackages in Himachal and making the most of it.

When we reached the destination, we were exasperated at the beauty of the scenery around. We could feel the resonance of Aum around that filled our hearts and souls with a Peace that seemed to pervade the whole world.

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