Markandeya is one of the ancient sages occupying an important place in the history of Hindu Culture. He was born to another popular ancient saint Rishi Bhrigu. Rishi Markandeya is mentioned as one of the popular devotees of lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in the mythological stories of Purana.

In memory of sage Markandeya, Markandeya Ji Temple was constructed at a place which is 20 km away from the town of Bilaspur. The place where this temple is located is also named as Markanday. The place is really beautiful where this temple is located. Devotees from distant places visit this temple to take blessings of sage Markandeya.

It is one of the popular temples in Himachal which is visited by thousands of devotees every year. Maximum devotees pay a visit to this temple in the urge of a child. Childless couples visit this temple in maximum. A story is prevalent about this temple, that if a childless couple pays a visit in this temple and applies Kajal in one eye of the idol and takes a vow to apply Kajal on the other eye when he gets the child the wish is fulfilled.

Markandeya Ji is also considered as the savior of couples and their children and blesses them with long life. A holy spring is located near to this temple. It is also believed that if the devotees take a dip in this spring then infertility problem will be resolved as well as diseases to infant.

There is one mythological story about this temple and sage Mrikandu. The sage was childless and he used to pray to lord Shiva every day for a child. One day he was blessed with a child, a son. Lord Shiva intimated him that he will lose his son when he will 12 years old. Mrikandu was depressed and started living the life in anxiety.

His son Markanday when came to know about the reason of anxiety he started praying to Lord Shiva on the same place where the idol is present now. Being pleased with his prayer Lord Shiva blessed him with long life on day of Baisakhi.

A hot water spring started flowing immediately after he got blessed. This spring is believed to be holy and devotes take a dip in this spring to complete the pilgrimage of Char Dham.

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