Mata Naina Devi blesses all who visit her temple as per the saying. We also had paid a visit to the temples in Himachal Pradesh with the same hope and aspiration. It was such a blessed moment. We were out to visit temples in Himachal and a darshan to the Maa Naina Devi was on the priority list. People have been visiting this place since time immemorial and we considered ourselves lucky to be among those who receive Devi’s blessings every year.

This temple is one of the most famous among the temples in Himachal. It is located in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh and stands at an elevation of 1177 meters. The place is surrounded by Govind Sagar and Bharka Dam.

There are stories from mythology attached to this temple which gives it a holy bearing like all other temples in Himachal Pradesh. ‘Naina’ means eyes and it is said that after Mahadeva was insulted by Sati’s father Daksh, and Sati fell dead Shiva carried the body of Sati and started the Taandav dance.

Vishnu, fearing a holocaust due to this Taandav by Shiva released his chakra to slice the body of Sati to fifty one pieces. The eyes fell at the place where the Naina Devi temple stands today. We were inspired by such stories from Hindu Mythology and had shivers down our spines while we entered the aromatic presence of the Devi Griha, the interiors of the beautiful temple.

The Worship or Puja Archana like in all other temples in Himachal Pradesh, is done five times a day. Bhog or offereings of food are offered to the deity five times and each worship is followed by Aarti which are wonderful celebrations to be take part in.

There are package tours that we availed of while visiting the temples in Himachal, in A/C vehicles comprising of jeeps, cars or mini buses. A/C hotel rooms were also available on twin sharing basis. We could avail of guides and drivers too. There were arrangements for basis medical support. The food in the temples of Himachal is strictly vegetarian along with non alcoholic drinks.

Here is some information about reaching the temple that you might find handy. From the Chandigarh airport the distance is 100 kms. The railway station that’s the nearest is Anandpur Sahib which is 30 kms from the temple and the temple is also connected to the National Highway No. 21. When we reached the nearby bus stop we decided to walk it down to the temple while you can also hire Palkis or Palanquins to reach the temple.

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