Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh has an assortment of restaurants. From International cuisine to local pahari food or the road side food spree, you get everything here. It’s a delight to eat in Shimla because of the ambiance and location of the restaurants. I have been to almost every restaurant of Shimla and most of my experiences were good. When it comes to food I am very classy, if it is Chinese food it has to taste like it and you can not call any dumpling a dimsum. Anything which looks ugly is tasteless to me so presentation counts a lot. Trusting my taste buds and love for food, I have selected these top five restaurants based on the quality, taste, presentation of food, service, price and location. So, without wasting time, scroll down, read and bon appétit!


Wake and Bake

What to eat: Middle Eastern Platter (Falafel, Pita Bread, Hummus with Tahini)

Price: INR 70- 200

Address: 34, The Mall, Shimla

Tel:0177 281 3146

Here’s a link to the Facebook Fan Page.


Cafe Sol

What to eat: Pizza and Greek Salad, if you are damn hungry!

Price: INR 120 – 400

Address: Hotel Combermere,Tourism Lift Street, Mall Road, Shimla

Tel: +91-177-2651246

Here’s a link to their website.



Baljees Fascination

What to eat: Indian Food and Mughlai. Don’t forget to try the famous G-Jams.

Price: Meal for two approximately INR 500

Address: 26, The Mall, Shimla

Tel:  +91-177-265231

Here’s a link to their website.



Ashiana Goofa

What to eat: Authentic Himachali Food

Price: Meal for two approximately INR 300

Address: Ridge, Shimla

Tel:+91 (0177) 2621 572

Sagar Ratna

What to eat: Vada Sambhar followed by Kesri Bhat

Price:Meal for two approximately INR 300

Address: The Mall Shimla

Tel: Couldn’t find it on web.



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