Reach the top spot of Kaza located at a height of 13,500 ft and just look down. You will get the complete view of the place and of the Kee Gompa Spiti Monastery which is the largest one in the valley of Spiti. This monastery is both the oldest as well as the biggest monastery which is dominating the Village of Ki.

This monastery is one of the favorite destinations among popular Tourist Places in Himachal. You will love to know that in this monastery more than 300 lamas are getting religious training.

This monastery acts as a house to several paintings which are rare and also for beautiful exceptional scriptures of Lord Buddha besides other gods and goddesses. When you Travel in Himachal to explore the state, then it is must for you to visit Kee Gompa Spiti Monastery.

The region of Ki faced several attacks of wars and armies of Jammu and Kashmir during 1841 AD. Here in this Monastery you will get to see rare ‘Thangka‘ paintings along with other ancient musical instruments which include trumpets, cymbals and drums.

One of the other important aspects of Gompa monastery is its huge collection of ancient weapons. These weapons were used for warding off marauders as well as to maintain its control over the people of the place who all are betraying a church-militant character.

In the year 2000 Kalachakra ceremony was performed by Dalai Lama in the month of August. During that time more than 1000 of devotees from different parts of the world visited this destination.

The true essence of Kalachakra ceremony is that with this ceremony both the teachers and the disciples made an earnest effort to awaken the deep root of Buddha Culture in them with forces like prayer, Teaching, devotion, blessings, meditation, Yoga and Mantra.

This ceremony mainly focuses on five major subjects which are psycho-physiology, cosmology, sadhana, initiation and Buddha hood. You can reach Gompa via road from Kaza. It is one of the Best Holy Places Of Himachal Pradesh.

It’s time now to backpack to reach this Tourist Spots in Himachal.

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