Kangra is a picturesque tourist place in Himachal at the confluence of the Bener and Mahi streams and it is located at a height of 427 to 6401 meters above the sea level. It is one of the most loved and popular travel places in Himachal overlooking the Ban Ganga River in Himachal Pradesh.

The Kangra town in the great valley of Kangra is located between the Shivaliks and the Dhauladhar range. We looked up all possible information about Himachal Hill station before we started on journey to Himachal Himalayas. According to the information about Himachal hill station, Kangra, previously, Nagarkot is town that has a lot of historical importance as many battles were fought here. The imposing Kangra fort stands as a testimony to the town’s ancient past.

Kangra is a favorite tourist place in the Himachal Himalayas. It is also known for its temples and crafts. Artifacts and handicrafts include paintings and embroidered shawls that are famous the world over. We found this to be one of the most sought after travel places in the world.

Kangra is also proud of its cultural heritage. The rock cut temples are architectural wonders. Masrur is noted for these temples. Among the travel places in Himachal, there are the temples of Jawalamukhi, Chamunda Devi, and Baijnath. The Braeswari Devi temple is also a favorite pilgrim spot. There is a huge multitude of pilgrims here during festivals.

Kangra Fort, an amazing tourist place in Himachal Himalayas is located at the confluence of rivers Manhi and Banganga. The Fort is located on a mountain range at a height of around 350 ft. The Kangra Fort is the most amazing among the travel places in Himachal extends for over 4 km and contains thick walls and high ramparts.

According to information about Himachal hill station that we collected while preparing trip to these travel places in Himachal we had a mind to visit the temples and the forts. They speak highly about the Indian ethnic architecture and make these the most popular among the travel places in Himachal.

Kangra, an exquisite tourist place in Himachal also has a watch tower and also the Shish Mahal. The fort, according to the information about Himachal hill station that we had collected on internet is maintained by the Archeological Survey of India. The Adinath temple and the Laxmi Narayan temple also exhibit the ancient remains of fort structures.

This makes Kangra on of the most sought after travel places in Himachal and the best tourist place to go to for a whiff of fresh air when you are tired being bogged down to your daily routine. This is an awesome retreat into the wilderness. We had made an inventory of the prime places to visit in Kangra by seeking information about Himachal hill station on the internet.

These include the Judges Court, Sujanpur Fort, Masrur temple, Karaeri Lake, Kangra art gallery and the Bajreshwari Temple. Our trip to the Kangra valley was an out of the world experience for all of us on the tour.

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