A travel to a tourist place in Himachal like the Khajjiar, Chamba will bring in all information about Himachal hill station. Khajjiar is one among the travel places in Himachal where the landscape is perfect. Here is some information about Himachal hill station, Khajjiar which is a very small village with some shops and hotels. It is one of the most scenic and exotic places in and around 22 km from Dalhousie. It is one of the most popular travel places in Himachal known as the Switzerland of India.

This tourist place in Himachal is located at a height of about 6450 feet above the sea level and it is a green meadow, saucer shaped. We rode to the place on horseback. The large glade is covered with lush green glass and fed by springs.

The deodar trees are a part of this glade adding much to the picturesqueness of this tourist place in Himachal. There is the highway at the edge of the glade that runs from Dalhousie to Chamba. The travel places in Himachal are a picture of pastoral perfection and it is completed with cottage, temples, forest rest houses and flocks of sheep and goats that graze there. The jagged snow peaks form an exotic picture of this tourist place in Himachal. Khajjiar imitates Switzerland in its pictorial beauty and hence the name, Switzerland of India.

We were soon off to another tourist place in Himachal called Chamba city. This is also one of the most beautiful tourist places in Himachal. While we collected information about Himachal hill station, we were informed about Chougan and Chamba. We had heard that the famous festival of Minjar takes place in Chougan.

We took our lunch in Chamba, which is wonderfully exotic among the travel places in Himachal where we tasted some tasty local dishes. We then visited the Lakshmi Narayan temple there. The temple is in the middle of the market. The temple has Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu shrines.

This spot is one of the best tourist places in Himachal and we paid visits to the Chamunda and Sui Mata temple which is 3 kilometers from this place. The Rang Mahal and the Bhuri Singh Museum, two exotic travel places in Himachal are located close by.

Chamba is located on the banks of River Ravi which is also called the Iravati. We had collected information about these travel places in Himachal while we had looked up information about Himachal hill station on the internet.

We got a wonderful view of the mountains on 11000 feet high and also watched the river Chandrabhaga flowing fast through Pangi. It is heart melting to stand near Chaugan and hear the sound of River Ravi.

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