Often known by different names like adobe of God, adobe of snow, mini Switzerland of India, a paradise on earth, etc., Himachal Pradesh is deemed one of the most alluring destinations for general tourists,...
If you are looking for adventure on a summer vacation with family and friends your holidays are surely going to be the best ever amidst the Western Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. Very few places...
If you are planning to go for Trekking in Himachal, then what can be the best destination other than Kheer Ganga? The Kheer Ganga trekking route is located at a distance of almost 22...
    Baijnath is one of the popular small towns of the state of Himachal Pradesh located in western Himalayas Dhauladhar range. This town is 16 km away from Palampur in the district of...
Tara Devi temple in Simla is a very famous attraction for tourists. It is situated at a distance of around eleven kilometers from Simla. This can be visited while traveling on the national highway...
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Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary
Himachal Pradesh: A Destination to Enjoy Adventure on Vacation
Trekking in Kheer Ganga - An amazing experience
Baijnath Temple- An ancient temple from Himachal
Tara Devi Temple, Simla, a must-visit place for pligrims

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Himachal Valley Cottages in Manali

Himachal Valley’s Manorama Cottages, Manali       The beautiful abode for a luxurious family holiday in Manali, Luxury Cottages in Manali, Honeymoon Packages in Manali, Holiday in Kullu and Manali. The cottages are beautifully decked with charming interior and…

Top places for trekking in Himachal Pradesh

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Celebrated as one of the most popular tourist attractions in India, Himachal Pradesh has an assortment to offer. From lush green hamlets to mesmerising waterfalls, ancient temples and monasteries to temples hailing from the time of Mahabharata, or breathtaking landscapes…

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